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Summer reading – Kinfolk

Summer reading is the best, don’t you think? This summer I’m reading on our iPad as well as ordinary books and magazines. And I just wanted to recommend a pretty cool magazine. It’s called Kinfolk.

Since I’m reading it on the iPad, I only have access to volume two and three. Hopefully, volume one and four will be available too soon.

Volume three of Kinfolk explores how we all might benefit from incorporating more of the things we love into our daily routines instead of saving them for the weekend or our next vacation.

I’m trying to change exactly that in my own life just now, so I’m really enjoying reading the essays and personal stories. And I love the thought that we should all welcome food, community, and simplicity into our lives as regularly as possible. I’m so inspired by the content in this magazine.

I thought about getting a subscription, because I like to sit with the actual thing in my hands – yes when it comes to books and magazines – I still prefer the printed ones. But unfortunately it was really expensive, so for now, I enjoy swiping the pages instead of turning them.

I hope you’ll be just as inspired as me, if you do decide to check it out. You can read about the different issues right here, and buy the printed ones as well. And do let me know what you’re reading this summer.

Vacation time

It’s vacation time here – we’re enjoying the days here in our new house, as well as a quick city break in Gothenburg, Sweden. We only stayed for two days, because we left the little one at home with his grandparents. So we enjoyed the city and the atmosphere with our  girl. We wanted to spend some time with her – just the three of us – which was amazing.

I’m planning on writing a mini guide – but since we’re off again soon – it will stay on my to-do-list for now.

I’ll return to Gothenburg in August with work – so hopefully I’ll get some time to do a bit of shopping there as well. Or get a decent cup of coffee. Have a lovely day out there.


Sweet Paul in Denmark

This week I look forward to buying my very first printed issue of Sweet Paul. Starting March 1st, the Danish magazine Femina will publish Sweet Paul Magazine.

So bravo Femina for picking up on this incredible magazine. Imagine Denmark being the second country to print this magazine. Wow, that’s pretty cool.

Image: Sweet Paul

Best of Rue July/August

The latest issue of Rue Magazine is packed with inspiring solutions and interesting homes. It’s the summer edition, and if you still have a few weeks left before heading back to work, then there’s plenty of inspiration of what to do and make in this issue.

I’ve enjoyed a few quiet weeks with my family round and about in Denmark. It’s been wonderful to relax and be inspired all over again. I’ll use a few of the tips from Rue’s Staycation Survival Guide and make ice cream for the kids this weekend. We’ll be celebrating my son’s second birthday on Saturday as well. I look forward to serving Hummingbird’s Grashopper Pie. When my head hits the pillow on Sunday night, It’ll be the last night of my holiday.

I’ve picked out my favourite bits from the magazine, and I hope you find them as inspiring as I do.

Check out the latest issue for yourself right here.

Images: Rue Magazine

Sweet Paul for the kids

With two kids in the house I looked forward to a little time alone with the latest issue of Sweet Paul and my Mac. I’ve been doing my assignment for week one (Holly from Decor8’s Blogging Your Way e-course) and now I have a little spare time while the little one is asleep. Here’s some of the pages within the magazine that I find very interesting. It’s always exciting to see how Paul styles the food. This time I think my favourite is the one with the cuttings from books (playing with your food).

You can read the entire magazine right here.

Images: Sweet Paul

Cake Revolution?

Så er der nyt fra Canada. Se bare de her flotte kager fra Cake Opera Co. Slet ikke dårligt, at falde over den her slags sider. Især ikke når man får besøg fra Canada i næste uge. Sikke dog en dejlig måde, at starte ugen på.

Great news from Canada. Just take a look at these amazing cakes. Wow! Visit Cake Opera Co. online right here, or if you are that lucky on 1136 Eglinton Avenue West in Toronto. It’s a great find, considering the fact that our Canadian friend will be visiting us next week.

Images: Cake Opera Co. (via Haute Design)