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Hello sunshine


hello sunshine

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I really hope you’re enjoying the weekend. The sun is finally here in Denmark, and we’re enjoying every bit of it.

Right now I’m waiting for my big girl to get home. She’s been on her very first girl scout trip in the woods and slept in a tent there. I cannot wait to hear all about it. It’s been a crazy 24 hours for me – I guess I wasn’t prepared for this to happen soo soon. But my little girl is growing up.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Mini guide – Berlin (for the inner foodie in you)

Berlin Guide


I went to Berlin in April and ever since, I’ve been wanting to share a few spots and places with you. This time we travelled with my daughter, who is seven years old, while the little one stayed at home. We stayed in an apartment near Nollendorf Platz. It’s a lively neighbourhood and in great walking distance to some of our favourite places in the city.

1. do you read me

I did my homeowork before leaving and on top of my list was this really cool shop filled with magazines from all over the world. I wanted to stash up on different magazines, because they are either impossible to get in Denmark or way too expensive.

Skærmbillede 2013-04-08 kl. 16.09.24

The place is über cool and filled from floor to ceiling with magazines. I could have stayed there for hours, just looking at all the different magazines.

Where: Auguststrasse 28, Berlin-Mitte

Online: do you read me

2. The Barn

Just around the corner from do you read me is the coffee shop The Barn. Unfortunately, we’d just eaten, when we got there, because the sandwiches looked delicious. So we just stopped by to buy coffee.

And if you’re interested in coffee this is the place to go. They are really passionately about their coffee, and you’ll get the best coffee experience there. When we got home, we enjoyed many nights drinking the coffee we bought at the Barn. Without doubt, we’ll return for more, the next time we’re in town.

Where: Auguststrasse 58

Online: The Barn

3. Planet Modulor

This place is paradise on earth if you’re just a tiny bit creative. Imagine several floors of art and crafting supplies all wrapped up in one place. This will not be a short stay, I can tell you that.

Skærmbillede 2013-05-11 kl. 14.24.08

We came there to look around this  amazing foodie shop/cafe, called coledampf’s and companies, because my husband had read great things about it, and he’s always looking for cool kitchen/cooking stuff. Again we’d just eaten, so it’s on our list of must eat places when we come back

Where: Prinzenstraße 85, close to Moritzplatz

Online: Planet Modulor

4. Eat the world

The first time we came on a Eat the World tour was in Hamburg, and it was an amazing walk/experience. So we wanted to try it out in Berlin as well. It’s a fun way to get to know the small food places, and you get to know so much about the neighborhood.  We took the Kreutzberg Tour, and our daughter walked around the area for three hours, in the cold, not understanding one bit of what the guide said, but she loved it. A little foodie in the making.

Online: Eat The World

5. Café Einstein Stammhaus

This was just around the corner from our apartment. Somehow we’d missed it the previous times we stayed there, but this time we walked over there to get our morning coffee and breakfast (and dinner one night). It’s a huge place, but very cozy. It’s a mix of locals, business meetings and turists. I like the fact that the locals come there to get a cup of coffee and meet with friends. We had the Früstück für zwei and a delicious yogurt topped with fresh fruit. The waiters are very friendly and you can relax and read magazines while you eat.

Skærmbillede 2013-04-08 kl. 16.10.21Skærmbillede 2013-05-11 kl. 14.20.34

One night, after dinner, we just wanted to check out the bar. Just have a quick look. Our daughter was of course with us at the time, so we were going home. But the waiter was really nice, told us to come inside and see the gin room and the rum room. Joked that my daughter would have to wait a few more years before she could come back again. This is a must visit place, if you do not have a kid to tug in.

Where: Kurfürstenstraße 58

Online: Café Einstein Stammhaus

This guide turned out to be quite a foodie guide, I did not plan that in advance, but when I looked through all the pictures from the trip, these were the places, which I enjoyed the most. And in the end a girl has got to eat, in between her shopping. I hope you’ve enjoyed coming to Berlin with me.

Have a lovely day (and a Happy Mother’s day for all the mother’s out there)

This is me relaxing

Today is the last day of my vacation and I’m a bit hungover from a wedding yesterday. But I wanted to check in and show you my favourite pictures and memories of a relaxing summer – and it was much needed. So here are a few pictures from the past three weeks.

So tomorrow it’s back to work again. I’ll leave for Gothenburg early in the morning and stay there for three days and then return just in time to celebrate my boy’s birthday on Thursday. What I try not to think about too much is the fact that he’ll be starting kindergarden while I’m in Sweden. Thank God for an amazing husband.


Summer reading – Kinfolk

Summer reading is the best, don’t you think? This summer I’m reading on our iPad as well as ordinary books and magazines. And I just wanted to recommend a pretty cool magazine. It’s called Kinfolk.

Since I’m reading it on the iPad, I only have access to volume two and three. Hopefully, volume one and four will be available too soon.

Volume three of Kinfolk explores how we all might benefit from incorporating more of the things we love into our daily routines instead of saving them for the weekend or our next vacation.

I’m trying to change exactly that in my own life just now, so I’m really enjoying reading the essays and personal stories. And I love the thought that we should all welcome food, community, and simplicity into our lives as regularly as possible. I’m so inspired by the content in this magazine.

I thought about getting a subscription, because I like to sit with the actual thing in my hands – yes when it comes to books and magazines – I still prefer the printed ones. But unfortunately it was really expensive, so for now, I enjoy swiping the pages instead of turning them.

I hope you’ll be just as inspired as me, if you do decide to check it out. You can read about the different issues right here, and buy the printed ones as well. And do let me know what you’re reading this summer.

Vacation time

It’s vacation time here – we’re enjoying the days here in our new house, as well as a quick city break in Gothenburg, Sweden. We only stayed for two days, because we left the little one at home with his grandparents. So we enjoyed the city and the atmosphere with our  girl. We wanted to spend some time with her – just the three of us – which was amazing.

I’m planning on writing a mini guide – but since we’re off again soon – it will stay on my to-do-list for now.

I’ll return to Gothenburg in August with work – so hopefully I’ll get some time to do a bit of shopping there as well. Or get a decent cup of coffee. Have a lovely day out there.


Sweet Paul in Denmark

This week I look forward to buying my very first printed issue of Sweet Paul. Starting March 1st, the Danish magazine Femina will publish Sweet Paul Magazine.

So bravo Femina for picking up on this incredible magazine. Imagine Denmark being the second country to print this magazine. Wow, that’s pretty cool.

Image: Sweet Paul